Our job here at Alesayi is to provide services to create things calmer throughout the procedure of production till marketing and distribution to its customers. Our purpose is to provide professional services to all our clients which in turn will be fruitful for the company. Alesayi produces satisfied clients by:

  • Eliminating the difference between perceived services and actual services.
  • By measuring the services quality through both subjective and objective processes.
  • Ensuring products and services are provided in a timely manner.
  • Feedback or survey accompanied to find out the flaws in the services provided.
  • Continuously improving the quality to deal with the competitive industry.

In order to expand its services industry Alesayi established two additional companies for sales and marketing under the title of:

  • Alesayi Distribution Company Ltd. (ADC) & Alesayi Marketing Company Ltd. (AMC)
  • Makkah Transport Companies (MTC)
  • Makkah International Transport Co.
  • Yamaha Transport