Alesayi Group started their own steel can production company i.e. Southern Can making Company (SCMC) in 1995, with the production capacity of 700 million cans per year.

With new techniques and continuous efforts SCMC has already been acknowledged not only in Saudi Market but also in GCC region and Africa. we earned customers loyalty by breaking the monopoly in the Middle East countries. One of our ongoing projects has already increased its production capacity up to 1.8 billion cans annually in order to meet the increasing demand.

By 2016, SCMC added a new aluminum line to make 202 and 200 dia sizes aluminum cans In order to expand business locally and internationally Alesayi got certification from all international brand franchises and provide a complete package to its B2B customers.


Alesayi storage system provides the facility of the modern warehouse to allow storage optimization to its partners and other overseas contractors like Malaysia and Italy. Alesayi’s domestic production facility in Jeddah is producing more than 50 percent of its overall components dealing and reaching not only in Jeddah but to GCC and North Africa as well.

Mohemmed Ali Alesayi & Co. Ltd. for Stainless Steel Co. (MASSCO)

Alesayi group bought and reconstructed an existing company named "Alshahba Stainless Steel Co." in 2003, and started production of stainless steel sheets and pipes for industries and decorative purposes with modern techniques and unique manufacturing style.

Industrial Soft Drinks Company limited

This specialized company is established in Yemen for the production of beverages. It consists of a production line for refining returnable bottles and therefore has gained an attractive image in Yemen market where AHC is having about 72% of capital shares. There also exists a franchise for the production of some Alesayi’s famous brands such as Alsi Cola, Fifa etc.

Alesayi Industries and Trading Company

AHC holds 50% of capital shares of this company and considers it a most recent and contemporary company of Alesayi group. It has a production line for filling up of beverages of Alesayi brands like Alsi cola, Fifa etc, in PET bottles.

Alesayi beverages company Ltd.

The pioneer company established in the Middle East in early 1956 and became a market leader in less than a decade by holding 65% of the market. AHC have 50% of capital share in this company.

Unity cement company Ltd.

Compared to other cement companies it started its production in 2009 and yet proved itself to be the best quality cement company in Yemen. Even in an unstable market situation it maintained itself to remain a market leader. Depending upon the country’s political situation unity cement is planning an expansion in 3 phases.AHC holds about 90% shares in it.

Saudi Bio-Chemicals (closed public shares company)

Alesayi Group has joined this company with a capital share of 52%. It's a remarkable investment by Alesayi group to invest in a new project which is also very rare in the Middle East.

Other than the projects mentioned above AHC is also considering to set up or purchase other existing companies in UAR, Egypt, Jordon, and Turkey, to flourish and expand them with their own technicians and management policies.